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The Frog and the Fish prompts you to question how much you have been shaped by your culture—the water you live in.

This book is written for young adults going from school to life-after-school—though many will find it helpful no matter what stage of life. It explores the shaping effects of our culture through asking the big questions of Who are we?, What’s the nature and purpose of the world?, Why is there so much injustice and, What can we do about it?


The Frog and the Fish also explores the current cultural narratives that are shaping our views of some of the big ‘issues’ of life—purpose of work; traps with technology; sex and self image; the place of stuff in our lives; the existence of absolute truth; and the source of ultimate happiness. It seeks to unfold how a biblical lens can provide liberating clarity on the big questions and issues of life. It invites the reader to see a view of work, sex, technology, stuff, truth, happiness, etc. shaped by the Christian big-picture story of the world. It inspires the reader to recognise when they are being shaped by alternative stories that threaten their true identity.

What people are saying:


"With my work with young adults, I've looked for a book that does a flyover of the multiple topics and questions that people in their 20's are asking today. Sadly, so many times the resources are too focused or narrow. But with Chris' book, I have finally found that resource. The Frog and the Fish is deeply helpful, illuminating, wise, and overall incredible! I'm so thankful to have read it and I will suggest it to others who are trying to navigate being a follower of Jesus in these times.“


Jefferson Bethke – NYT bestseller and author of Jesus>Religion

"Every decade or so a 'go-to' book comes along that Christian leaders buy in bulk for their young people. I have more than a sneaking suspicion that Chris has written this generation’s go-to book. It critiques modern life in the West but isn't preachy; unmasks baseline cultural narratives, but isn’t alarmist; and paints an alternative vision of the good life under King Jesus that is more intellectually, emotionally, and communally attractive than the alternate 'gospels' on offer.”

Steve McAlpine – Lead Pastor, Providence Church and theology and culture blogger

The genius of this book is that Chris takes complex ideas and makes them simple and interesting: accessible for young adults yet packed with wisdom, insight, and the beauty of the gospel. I wish I had this book when I was launching from late high school!”

Akos Balogh – CEO, The Gospel Coalition Australia

When I read this book I wanted to give it to every young adult that I know. However, it is not just school leavers that need to read this book, but all of us who are swimming in cultural water that may be slowly killing us. If you are a Christian person you will be challenged as to whether the culture or the gospel is shaping your life and longings. As a person not yet convinced of the Christian faith, you will be invited to consider a freedom and purpose for which you may have been searching. A perfect book for every school leaver!”

Dr Ken Dickens – National Institute for Christian Education

“Chris has produced a volume that treats both questioners and their questions with great dignity and respect. There are no trite answers here, but a healthy recognition that all aspects of our world and its people are wonderfully complex with enormous meaning, value, purpose, and richness. This is no fairy tale book. Chris recognises the realities of pain, frustration and disappointment that permeate all aspects of life but clearly points us to hope and meaningful engagement. A great resource for interactive discussions in schools, in homes, or in small groups.”

Brian Cox international Christian education advisor

“Like fish in water or slow boiling frogs, we are barely aware of forces in life which profoundly shape us. Chris’ insights, and practical advice, are wonderfully liberating for all who seek wisdom for living well in challenging times."

Dr Rod Thompson former Principal, Laidlaw College

As a parent, a friend, an aunt, a mentor and a teacher, I’m tempted to worry about how young people in particular are going to navigate what can sometimes seem like a cultural quagmire.  In this wonderfully accessible book, Chris takes us gently yet confidently through the marsh towards clarity of what we are dealing with and upwards and onwards towards a deep hope in Christ and an offering of grace that is captivating."

Michelle Dempsey – CEO, Christian Education National

This book is a delight to read. Chris has crafted an original, refreshing and insightful book that prepares young people for both university and the world of work. I loved this book and so will you.”

Mark Roques – Thinking faith Network

“This book will make an important contribution to an area where there is currently a deficit – the transition from school into adult life.  It is written in a style which is accessible to young people, and deals with big questions. I hope the book is widely used – it deserves to be.”  

Dr John Collier – Principal, St Andrews Cathedral School

“An apt message for contemporary Christian youth, especially those entering employment or tertiary study. I recommend it being used by church youth groups or Christian schools as a graduation gift or as an important resource in senior secondary studies.”

John Norsthworthy – Thinking Matters NZ and author of Why Culture Matters, and Educating our Children Faithfully


“This book challenges young people to think more deeply about the reason why we make the choices we make. These are tricky and tough questions. A great read and a useful tool for teachers and students alike!"

Dr Susan Starling – Head of Education, Australians Together

“Hey Dad, I can’t stop reading. It’s not one of those non-fiction books that are boring and people stop and start reading—it’s really interesting.”

Brae Parker aged 14

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