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the author.

Chris’ initial training was in environmental science. However, after exploring the adventure of teaching secondary mathematics, science, and technology with students in Christian schools, he developed a passion for helping young people see all aspects of their life and world through a big-picture biblical lens. 

Chris has been a lecturer and speaker with the National Institute for Christian Education since 2009. During this time, he has presented to many Christian school communities around Australia. His content and engaging presentation style have been well-received by staff, parents, and students. Chris’ particular gifts include his ability to explore and unfold how issues of life, work, and schooling have been distorted by cultural stories and how we can—when examining them through a worldview shaped by the Bible—be inspired to participate in their redemption.

Chris and his wife, Coco, live in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia. They have two children—Bronte and Brae—and a growing collection of ukuleles.

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