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Study Guides

Download a series of Study Guides for leading small group or class discussions on the ideas covered in Part 3--work, technology, sex, stuff, truth, and happiness. Each study guide provides discussion starters, stimulus videos, Bible passages, short extracts, and challenge questions.


Each Study Guide includes a number of videos that can be used as stimulus. To make it easy for teachers and group leaders, all the videos are presented on one page.

Table of Contents

Want to know what is covered in the book? Download a table of contents.

Free Chapter

Download a free copy of Chapter 7 "Technology". This chapter deals with the shaping effect that digital culture (particularly social media) is having on our view of the world, our view of people, our view of being informed, and our approach to virtuous character.

Promotional Video

Here is a 3 minute promotional video of the book. It introduces why the title of The Frog and the Fish and speaks about the purpose of the book.

A4 Brochure

Here is a full colour promotional brochure.

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